A non-irritant and calming formula exclusively developed for cats to give life to their hair coat and to make it shiny & lustrous. The chamomile oil as an added ingredient helps in giving it anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and skin-protecting properties. It helps in keeping your pet cat fresh & rejuvenated. Gentle yet effective, it is a cleanser with the right combination of essential oils that bring out the best in your pet cat.

    Size : 750 ML


    This gentle de-shedding formulation enables in releasing and removing loose hair and arrests the shedding of fur.
    Enriched with tea tree oil & mint extract, this product strengthens the fur, reduces breakage and keeps stray hair in control.
    The mint extract in the formulation soothes the skin and moisturizes the fur and its ph-balanced paraben-free formula keeps your pet fresh and conditioned.

    Size : 750 ML


    This ultra-gentle formula with jojoba oil, aloe vera & soapberry extracts helps in deep conditioning and aids in targeting frizz, mats & tangles.
    The jojoba oil gently cleanses and nourishes dry stressed coat whereas the saponin in the soapberry extract deeply cleanses and softens the scalp leaving the fur coat shinier and healthier.
    This product is designed for long coated as well as short coated breeds that prefer the coat lay flat.
    The high conditioning power of aloe vera with soapberry extract makes the coat shiny & manageable and leaves the dog fresh and ready for cuddles.

    Size : 750 ML


    The rehydrating formula of aloe vera coupled with cucumber extracts soothes the skin and relieves it from the dryness.
    The cucumber extracts purify and remove dirt, pollution and impurities from the skin and coat to give it a glowing appearance.
    Infusing this essential moisture retention regime to your pet’s dehydrated and frizzy fur gives it the spa care that your pet deserves.

    Size : 750 ML


    Lozalo has crafted this ultra-mild, hypoallergenic shampoo just for your young pup.
    This pH balanced, tearless shampoo is suitable for your pup’s sensitive skin and will not cause any irritation or redness due to the use of an ultra mild natural cleansing agent.
    This shampoo is a blend of the finest ingredients with a dash of calendula extract and brings out the right luster of your pup’s fur and keeps it fresh for a long time.

    Size : 750 ML


    This itch relief formula made with colloidal oatmeal soothes sensitive skin and removes dirt & grime without disrupting or causing irritation to dry and itchy skin. Rosemary an ingredient promotes a soft and healthy coat & stimulates the hair follicles, allowing the coat to grow strong and healthy.
    This product is a rich creamy formulation that will bring out your pet’s soft, plush and natural luster to life and will keep it healthy and glowing.

    Size : 750 ML


    Made with coffee extract and coconut oil, the odour control shampoo provides just the right dose of nourishment to your pet’s body along with taking care of your pet’s body odour.
    This combination also provides you with antioxidant benefits and helps in neutralizing the radical damage caused by pollution, sun exposure and stress.
    The silicone-free gentle formula along with the coffee extract helps in stimulating the life cycle of hair follicles and encourages healthy hair, thus, leaving your pet’s coat silky and shiny.

    Size : 750 ML


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